Best Looper Pedal 2016

If you are enthusiastic about music, you may be looking for the best way to improve the way you play music. For the guitarists, the looper pedals are one of the most beneficial purchases ever made. Looper pedals also called Loop pedals. Music is all about innovation, and the looper pedals make your musical sense live up to the highest degree. But in today’s musical scenario, there are a number of looper pedals available on the market. Obviously, they have their own features and are different in their own way. You need to purchase the one which suits you the best and keep an eye open for the price when you make the purchase. If you are not familiar with the loop pedals, you may come to know about it here itself. A looper pedal is used to capture the signals from the guitar and play it over and over. It is different from a delay pedal, as the delay pedal is an effect while the loop pedal is a tool. Guitar looper pedals are mainly used with electric and acoustic guitars. It is a good friend of the musicians.

There are many artists who use the looper pedals in live performances. They are used for ornamentation of the music.

Top Five Looper pedals With Comparison Chart

TC Electronic ditto looper: This one is the leading Best loop pedal available in the market today. It leads the industry with its effective performance. It indeed comes handy to the musicians. Undoubtedly, this is the ideal loop pedal for you. The reviews and feedbacks are full of positive comments and at the end of the day, when you look back, you will find the loop pedal absolutely effective for your taste.

TC Electronic ditto looper Reviews

The first thing that comes to the mind when you speak of the renowned loop pedal is its affordability. It comes at a reasonable price, and when you compare the service to the value you pay for it, you will be satisfied. It will never disappoint you when it comes to its effectiveness. You will get the true value of the money when you buy this loop pedal. After all, you need not bleed your pockets while you try out this loop pedal.

Next comes the easy operation. There is nothing complicated about it, and even the amateurs will be able to operate them with efficiency. You need not worry about whether you will be able to use it or not. There could be nothing simpler when it comes to the operation. There is a single switch or knob that controls the entire volume level and a single footswitch which operates the pedal. When you think of the looping time, it is nearly five minutes. This means you will be able to record the entire song and do the needful within that time.

However, it may be a bit difficult to operate the entire system of volume using a single knob. So, there are several operations and colours that will indicate different functions of a single switch. There are other options like ‘undo’, which you can use to delete a recording that you had not liked. Altogether, it is nothing complicated and tough.

The sound quality is the true hallmark of the loop pedal. The best sound quality can be achieved if you use the Guitar loop pedals wisely. So, when you get the demo music, make sure that it lives up to your choice. It will never disappoint you when it comes to the sound quality. After all, it is the best loop pedal in the market. When you are looping, you need to note that it is important to get clarity between the different layers of looping. Otherwise, the quality of sound gets degraded.

Apart from these, the loop pedal does not run on batteries and so it is absolutely flawless. It needs a 9-volt power source, and this helps it to function according to your expectation.

With all these being the positive reasons why you need to buy the loop pedal, you should go through the ratings on various websites. Some of the leading online marketing portals are full of positive reviews about the product. There are more than 400 positive reviews in each of them, and so, you can assess the efficiency of the loop pedal.

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Boss RC 3 Loop Station: When it comes to popularity, it ranks just second to the previous loop pedal. It has some great features, which make it a top contender for the top position. It has a great body and looks and hence, you may rely upon the loop pedal to improve your musical passions.

However, there are too many tiny buttons in the loop pedal, which may confuse you up at the

Boss RC 3 Loop Station Review

beginning. However, as you proceed, the things will get simplified to you. At the outset, you need not worry about the buttons. Simply enough, you need to hit the footswitch. There will be different indications given by red lights, and you need to follow the instructions in order to operate the device. The operation is easy and simple, and it is similar to the previous one. You only need to get adjusted to the various operations at first, after which it will be simple to you. Apart from this, it specializes in timing. The recording measure can be stopped according to the required time.

You will be happy to know that this one has achieved a budget-friendly price tag, as it comes to you at the most affordable price. When it comes to price, people tend to be very selective. So, you need to avail the best goods keeping the price at the back of your head. It comes to you at pocket-friendly prices and along with all the desired features.

The sound quality is another positive aspect for which you can avail the loop pedal. When it comes to live performances and concerts, you need to make sure that the sound quality is superb. You can try out any experimentation with the looper pedals. Apart from this, you will get 99 presets to store the loops and a time period of three hours for loop time. So, you will get enough time to record the loops, delete it if you do not like it and record the loops again. It will serve you the best when it comes to live concerts.

You can also save the loops in other storage devices like a computer with the help of the USB cables. The loop pedal has a USB port, which helps to transfer files directly from the loop pedal to the computer. These can then be edited and used for other purposes.

Another astounding feature of the device is the presence of an inbuilt drum machine, which can be used to create rhythm. It will help you to upgrade the quality of the recorded tracks. You need to note that the rhythm part have their own recording knobs. You can not only learn the basic principles but also get in touch with the enhanced features of the modern musical devices. You will get the full value of your money.

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DigiTech jamMan Express XT: this is one of the foremost loop pedals available on the market today. Apart from being easy to use, it has three rows of LED lights which make it easy to see the details. You will find it absolutely handy. When it comes to the recording time, it is ten minutes, although it is lesser than the previous one. You can record an entire track and then delete it if required. The timings are all well set, and there will be no hitch when you try it out with an electric or acoustic guitar. It is ideal for live performances and concerts when you will be able to create innovative sound effects with the help of the device. It is good for experimenting with your own ideas. Among all the models of the DigiTech Jam Man series, the Express XT is the best one which comes with excellent features. It is affordable too, and you need not pinch our pockets when you buy it. It is one of the best assets that a musician can ever have. It comes to you with stereo inputs and outputs. It is flawless when it comes to power. It runs on a 9-volt adapter and does not involve the use of the battery.

DigiTech jamMan Express XT Review

When you think of the operation, it is somewhat like the Ditto. The volume and foot pedal knobs are similar and easy to operate. The layers of signals need to be clear so that the music comes out clearly. You will definitely like the product, and get the value of your money when you buy the product. You can even record layers on the original loop, which will help you out when it comes to experimentation. The operation process is simplified with different lights, red, green and yellow, and you will find it easy to operate. All you need to do is to get used to the device in a few days and then start your own innovation with music. After all, music is all about brings you all the features of advanced looping, and you can synchronise the sound with time quite well.

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Zoom G1on Guitar Multi-effects Processor and Looper:

This is one of the best Loop pedal according to the quality of sound and price. It comes to you under $100and so it will not disappoint you with its quality of sound and service. The quality of sound is one of the most desired features in the loop pedals. After all, a good performance is measured by the quality of sound. So, when you avail this loop pedal, you will have a powerful instrument with which you can create your own sound effects, experiment a lot and impress the audience. It will help you to record the music and play it again, and delete the unwanted part of the recording. Coming to the affordability, it is one of the best assets that a guitarist can have. It comes effective during the live performances, and your innovation can live up to the best level when you count upon the ideal looper pedal.

Coming to the features that the Best Looper awaits you, there are about a hundred sound effects and

Zoom G1on Guitar Multi-effects Processor and Looper Reviews

68 in-built rhythm components. So, you will get a lot of assistance from the device. If you are a learner, you will get a proper guidance from the loop pedal and can fancy your skills with the device. There are various effects like distortion, delay and others, which will come to your assistance when you get in touch with the device.

Simply speaking, the device is awesome. You can see the Amazon ratings, with more than 115 positive reviews in favour of the best looper pedal. You can get infinite overdubs on the device, but the time for recording is a bit less. In other devices, it is about ten minutes, but here, you will get only 30 seconds as your loop time. True indeed, this is quite short as a loop time, but you can manage with the time if you want.

Coming to the audio quality, it is excellent. The sounds of the drums are more realistic than the other devices, and the audio has a stereophonic effect, which makes the sound really good to hear. The product is really hardy, and the base is made of metal. The covering is of plastic, although it is elegant looking. It can run on a 9v adapter of 4 AA batteries as the case may be. Altogether, it is a complete device which comes to your assistance while you try out your skills at guitar.

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DigiTech jamMan Solo XT: This is among the Best Looper pedal due to its variety of features and effective sound synchronisation. However, the price is a bit higher than the other ones. But this is obvious, as it caters almost all the needs of the users. It has a lot of sound effects and moreover, you can hear the different layers of recordings quite clearly. At the end of the day, the quality of sound matters the most, and this is a loop pedal which will never disappoint you. You get all the effects like slowness, distortion and the others in a single device and make sure that you are able to create your innovative sounds.

DigiTech jamMan Solo XT Reviews

Needless to say, the operation is a bit complicated. There are five buttons and two knobs in total. So, it is not as easy as the previous four to operate. You will need some time to get used to the full operations. There are 200 memory locations where you can store the recordings you have created. You can delete the recordings which are not up to your taste and create new ones which you can store.

The best feature is that there is a slot in the device where you can attach a micro SD card. This will automatically help to store the recorder parts without any problem. The recording time is about ten minutes, which is enough to record a song. You will be comfortable with the device once you learn to use it and this learning process may take more than the normal time due to its complexity. There is a USB port, and this will enable you to connect it to other devices like computers and mp3 players.

The tempo and pitch can also be customised. You can adjust the sound effects according to your needs. There are different light which indicate different operations. You can simply clear the current loop and create a new one. Apart from these, there are three extra buttons that help in navigating the pitch. You can move the loop up and down as well a stop it with the help of the switches. The power supply comes with a 9-volt adapter. The sound quality is really something that will make you smile. After all, it is the quality of sound that makes a concert successful. You can use the device in live concerts, and this will enable you to create and impact. Apart from that, you will also be able to experiment with your own sound effects in the tracks. There is a huge scope for creating good quality music using this device. However, the price is a bit high, and it is acceptable as the device comes with a lot of advanced features.

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So, these are the Top five Best looper pedals that are commonly used in guitars. The guitarists customize these products according to their needs and aptitudes and the experience of the guitarists also play an important role in the choices. All the five best Looper pedal are good in quality and produce good audio quality. However, the recording time varies greatly and so does the price. These are some of the best Loop pedal meant for guitarists, and they upgrade the quality of music.