Best Looper Pedal for Live Performance

Looper pedal is one the best instrument you can use while live performance something which can help you repeats the beats again and again rather playing the same chorus again and again. Looper pedal is a handy device to use for record and replay the same tune or chorus whenever you need it again and while playing alone in stage you have to take care of lots of things. What you have to play what will be next too much things running in mind. In mean while looper pedal play a good role. You can use them as your helper just one press you can all let your worries on it. but its also lots of factors while choosing the best looper pedal for your live performance and which one is best looper pedal for use.

There are lots of facts to determine while choosing your looper pedal

Usage – before choose anything you must need to look the usage of looper pedal. What is the usage of your looper pedal. If you are beginner you need a simple looper pedal easy to use handy to carry and easy to adjust and easy to play with guitar or if you are a live performer you have to play with other guitarist too so you must need consider a looper pedal who have lots of feature long time recording memory and some looper pedal come with lots of input outputs you can plug and play more equipments same time

Memory – Memory is more important things to consider while choosing looper pedal. While you perform you just click the footswitch to record the tune and whenever you need to repeat it. you can use it with another switch and let the looper pedal work. you get time to play your next tune. Some looper pedals have good memory so better before buying much check the memory limit.

Foot Switch – Different kind of looper pedals have lots of switch option. Some Looper pedal like tc electronic Looper pedal have just limited switch but looper pedal like Zoom G1 come with lots of footswitch. So consider it before choose. If you are beginner so choose the less switch with minimal efforts and if you going to perform Live with bands or lots of guitarist then choose a Professional Looper pedal.

Brand– Main thing is while choosing looper pedal go for a reliable brands only they have fame and its tested by lots of guitarist and they have used good quality parts which produced a good music with warranty or guaranty also rather choosing a local brand looper pedal, Always go for big brand like TC Electronics, Digitech and Boss

Budget – Main important things it’s all depend on budget. In market you can find lots of looper pedal according your budget. Looper pedal start from 50$ to depend on your budget with multi effects and much more.

Top 10 Best Looper Pedals:

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

  • A best Looper pedal Made for Guitarist by guitarists
  • A perfect Looping Machine
  • True bypass along with Analog-Dry-Through
  • 5 minutes recording storage for looping
  • Undo / Redo Looping function
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • 24bit uncompressed highest quality audio
  • Small footprint and 9V DC adapter

*Please note that Ditto Looper has come with no battery compartment, and in the case you cannot connect a USB power supply to the USB port. You must need a conventional power supply for operating this product.

Boss RC-1 Loop Station

  • Very easy to use and Straightforward
  • Newly well designed loop indicator displays the current loop mode (Rec/Overdub/Play)
  • Comes with 9-volt alkaline battery (approximately 4.5 hours of battery life)
  • Come with optional AC adaptor
  • 12 minutes recording Storage
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Flexibly to switch external footswitch options
  • Recording phrase in memory even after the RC-1 is turned off
  • Input Level: -20 dBu (Nominal)
  • Input Impedance: 1 Mohm
  • Output Level: -20 dBu (Nominal)
  • Output Impedance: 1kohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10 kohms or greater
  • Controls: one Pedal switch and another LEVEL knob
  • Come with two Indicators: CHECK indicator, LOOP indicator
  • Connectors
  • INPUT A (MONO) jack: 1/4″ phone type
  • INPUT B jack: 1/4″ phone type
  • OUTPUT A (MONO) jack: 1/4″ phone type
  • OUTPUT B jack: 1/4″ phone type
  • STOP/UNDO jack: 1/4″ TRS phone type
  • DC IN jack
  • Current Draw 85 mA
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 73mm x 129mm x 59mm, 2-7/8″ x 5-1/8″ x 2-3/8″
  • Weight (including battery) 440 g, 1lb.

TC Electronic FlashBack Delay and Looper Guitar Delay Effect Pedal

  • TonePrint- come with instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by your idols
  • Come with 11 delay types including looper – expansive delay options from subtle repeat to total time-warp
  • Audio Tapping – You can also set delay times by strumming your guitar
  • 6 seconds delay time – all the delay time your playing could ever need … and then some.
  • Stereo in & out – for added flexibility to your set-up
  • True Bypass – zero loss of tone
  • Analog-Dry-Through – maximum tonal integrity and clarity
  • Delay Time, Feedback and Repeat controls – help to control of your delay sounds
  • Spillover on/off – Give verysmooth and natural transitions between sounds
  • Easy battery access – Come with Easy changing batteries (well, almost)
  • Small footprint – Small size help to save spac for pedal board
  • Come with High quality components – only the few gives best when it comes to tone
  • Road-ready design – Always ready to follow you no matter wherever your playing takes you

Donner Deluxe Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Station

  • Loop FX: come with Reverse and Speed (Fast and Slow).
  • Easy to connect with PC/Mac for Import/Export loops (44.1 kHz, 24 bit)
  • Storage of 10 minutes looping with Unlimited overdubs
  • Powerfull Backing Track – perfect use for if you are doing solo practice and live performance
  • Dedicated Stop/Clear footswitch

Boss RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

  • Three hours nonstop onboard recording time
  • Come with High-powered DSP from BOSS’ ESC2 chip
  • True stereo I/O
  • Loaded with 99 memory slots
  • Come with USB 2.0 port for import export looping from computer
  • Aux in jack

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

  • Come with 12 minutes recording time
  • Store 10 independent loops
  • Easy to handle with Reverse, Undo-Redo and ½ Speed Effects with hit of a button
  • uncompressed audio come with High-quality, 24-bit A/D/A converters plus 44.1kHz sample rate
  • Powerful Stereo in/out for enhanced usability…
  • Can record two instruments Same time
  • Handy Foot switch controller input provides a way to use popular 3-button foot switches to change a bank up or down, and gives instant access of Undo-Redo
  • Come with Silent footswitches
  • Specially Loop fadeout (trails) mode
  • Includes EHX9.6DC power supply

Digitech JMSXT Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper Phrase Sampler Pedal

  • Come with 35 minutes of stereo recording with CD-Quality loops in 200 internal memories
  • Enhance memory with use of micro SDHC card and store over 16 hours* of CD-quality audio in 200 additional memories
  • Record rhythm loops and solo with easy one click, completely Hands-Free
  • Work with multiple JamMan Solo XT pedals Sync all to work together to create a multi-track looper or loop with other Guitarist
  • Come with USB port to connect with computer to use the JamManager Loop Librarian software to organize and archive your loops
  • Come with Aux technologies Input help you import music from CD and MP3 players
  • Easy backup with jamman backup band, take it with you, and perform anywhere
  • Feature come to Slow down or speed up any loop without changing pitch
  • Metronome with multiple rhythm sounds and time signatures
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Power supply included

Electro-Harmonix 360 Nano Looper Guitar Looper Effects Pedal

  • Come with 6 min loop recording time which can be used in 11 different loops for maximum control and flexibility
  • unlimited overdubbing with no degradation in fidelity and High quality sound
  • Uncompressed audio, 24-bit A/D/A and 44.1kHz sample rate
  • Easy to access layout help in recording a loop, overdubbing, undo-redo and erasing a loop quick and easy
  • Come with a silent momentary footswitch
  • Rugged die-cast package
  • 6DC-200 EHX power supply included

TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper Effects Guitar Pedal

  • True bypass come with analog dry through
  • create evolving multi-track compositions with help of Dual loop tracks
  • Create 7 loop FX endless creative potential
  • MIDI sync – for perfectly timed live loops
  • Loop decay

    NUX Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal

  • 6 hour Recording time with overdub as many layers as you need
  • Mono or stereo recording
  • Come with 99 user memories and built-in drum patterns with tap tempo
  • You can Change the playback tempo of your recorded phrases without changing the key
  • Easy to Switch phrases without latency; Extensional pedal (optional) for more control
  • Easy Import and backup on pc;
  • Runs on batteries and ac adaptor

Best Guitar pedals

With the development of electronic instruments streamlined for upgrading guitars, Guitar pedals have become quite popular over the years. In the present day market, there are a number of Guitar pedals available. There are many companies offering the Guitar loop pedals at various prices and all you need to do is to get your needs customised. You need to go through all the features and make sure that they are suitable for your purpose. This factor of personalisation is very important, as different people use the Guitar pedals for different purposes. While some of them use them for learning guitar at home, others use them for live performances, in order to bring some ornamentation to the music. There are different sound effects which one can play and record the songs.

So, when you go to but the Guitar pedals, what should you look into? What should be your criteria for choosing the best Guitar pedals? Here are the Best Guitar Pedals reviews, and this will assist you when you make your final decision before making the final purchase.

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Buying guide for TC Electronic ditto loop:

Recording period: The first and foremost thing you need to look into is the recording period. This means, the longer the time period, and the easier it will be to operate the device. If you are practising at home, you need not have long looping periods. However, if you are performing at a concert, you may need long looping periods. This particular loop pedal comes with a recording period of around five minutes. This means you will be able to record a song of average length easily. Even if you are performing at a concert, it will come handy to you.

TC Electronic ditto looper Reviews

Operation: Next comes the operation. There are just two knobs for volume and foot pedal and these are enough to control the volume. When you are starting to use these devices, you will not prefer having too many buttons, as it becomes complicated. So, a single knob will be enough to control the volume and sound effects. There are different colours of lights which will help you to control the operation.

Undo option: the undo option, which is available in the device, is of great help. You can use it to remove the recorded part of the tracks if you do not like it. This Guitar loop pedal comes with the option, and this will be of great help to the amateurs, who tend to make mistakes and record a single song again and again.

Stereo output: Stereo output is mandatory for concerts. However, you can use mono output if you are using it just for practise. This device comes with the stereo output, so even if you are practising at home, you will have a good quality of sound.

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Buying guide for Boss RC 3 Loop Station:

Looks: When you look out for a Guitar loop Station with attractive looks, count on this one. Looks do not matter if you are performing at home just for practise. There are several musicians who try to get in touch with an elegant looking Guitar loop pedal meant for performing outdoors. So, this one comes to you with a shiny and smart look, with the desired appearance. You will be able to have the desired impact on the crowd with the looks of this loop pedal.

Operations: You should not try out this looper pedal in case you are just starting. There are a

Boss RC 3 Loop Station Review

number of tiny buttons in the loop pedal which may confuse you. However in case you have a complete understanding of the loop pedal, you may try it out. Rest of the operations is easy and similar to the previous one.

Price: There are different price ranges of the loop pedals. This one is tagged with the most budget friendly loop pedal, and this means that you will get a number of features at a pocket-friendly price. This is beneficial for both the beginners and the professionals. If you are a beginner, there will be a number of sound effects available to you at a low price, and you can get in touch with them on the course of learning. If you are already adroit at the guitars, this will bring a lot of ornamentation to your music at a low price.

Recording period: When it comes to the recording period, this one tops the chart. With a whopping recording period of three hours, it brings you enough time to record the notes, whether you are at home or on the stage. A huge memory capacity is in store when you make the purchase. You can also store the recordings on another device, like a computer with the help of a USB cable. So, if you are looking for a looper pedal with a lot of memory go for this one.

Rhythm: This Guitar Looper pedal comes to you with an inbuilt drum for creating rhythm. This will enhance the quality of sound. If you need support when you are learning, you can try out this loop pedal. Apart from his, it can also help the professionals in creating a better musical effect.

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Buying guide Digi Text jam Man Express XT:

Operations: This is one of the easiest loop pedals to operate. You will need this if you are performing on the stage, as there are three rows of LED lights to assist you to see the details. The operation is fairly easy, and you will find the knobs easy to use. There are different colours of lights that will come handy to you, indicating different operations.

DigiTech jamMan Express XT Review

Sound quality: When it comes to sound quality, this loop pedal is ideal for you. The device produces a high-grade stereo output and is best suitable for concerts. There are a number of sound effects and you can modify the pitch as required. After all, this is one of the best loop pedals where you can try out your own innovations. And if you are thinking of the price that you need to pay, it is under $100. This makes the best features available to you at an affordable price.

Overdubs: There are unlimited overdubs that you can try on the device. The clarity of sound is great and you will never be disappointed with the price. You will get the entire value of your money and try out unlimited overdubs. The layers of recordings are distinct and you will face no difficulty at all while you try your skills on the device.

Undo option: Whenever you opt to buy a loop pedal, go for the ones which have the undo option ready for you. Even if you are a seasoned professional musician, errors do happen. You will find it easy to get rid of the portion of recording that you do not need. This loop pedal has the option and this will serve you well indeed.

Power source: The batteries are not always reliable, and so, you need to count upon the electrical adapters. So, count on this loop pedal which comes with a 9-volt adapter and this will make sure that you need not rely on the unpredictable batteries.

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Buying guide for Zoom G1 on Guitar Multi-effects Processor and Looper:

Price: This is one of the loop pedals which come to you under $100, along with a wide range of features. You will be fully satisfied with what you pay for the device when you consider the price. At the end of the day, satisfaction comes to you when you compare the benefits gained from the device and the price that you had to pay for the Guitar Pedal. It comes to you with a variety of sound effects suitable for customisation. You can create your own sound effects and adjust the pitch and tempo as and when required. It is good for performing in public, as the device allows you to change the sound settings according to your needs. If innovation is your look out, count on this loop pedal.

Sound effects: This is one best Guitar pedal which will fulfil your thirst for a vast array of sound

Zoom G1on Guitar Multi-effects Processor and Looper Reviews

effects. With more than a hundred sound effects in stock, you will have a good time experimenting with them. You will also be able to use the desired sound effects in the proper places. There are 68 inbuilt rhythm components, and you will get a lot of assistance from the device when you try it out in concerts. There are some sound effects like delay and distortion, and these will help you to find out innovative musical effects. Even if you are just a learner, you will get the desired assistance from the device.

Power: When it comes to power, there are two options that you can count on. With the 9 volt adapter, the device can run on electricity and there is a socket for four AA batteries. With both the options open to you, you will not find it difficult at all to use it in concerts.

Record time: You may consider this as a backdrop of the device, but the recording time available is just 30 seconds. So, this makes the period of recording fairly brief, and you may wish it could be at least a minute long. So, before you make the final purchase, make sure that the short time period will not trouble you. All you need to do is to record a track, store it somewhere else or delete it, and record it again.

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Buying guide for Digi Text jam Man Solo XT:

Price: This is indeed a complete device meant for the musicians. There are all the features ready for you, only if you are ready to dish out a large sum. If you are a professional musician, you are free to make the purchase, however, if you are learning, better not go for it and try something simpler. The number of switches and knobs will simply confuse you. This is meant for the people who are adroit in using these Looper Pedal with the acoustic or electric guitars.

DigiTech jamMan Express XT Review

Effects: You can control the sound effects according to your wish. The tempo and pitch of the device can be adjusted according to the needs, and you will find numerous sound effects like distortion, slowness and others which will come handy to you. You can create innumerable tracks according to your taste and skills, and all the help is available from this device.

Operations: If you are not experienced in tackling loop pedals, simply do not go for this one. There are five buttons and knobs, which can be manipulated to deliver the desired note. There are 200 memory locations, and you will be able to store the recordings in the location you like. You will be able to attach a micro SD card to the device and this will help you to operate the loop pedal with optimum memory space. You will also be able to connect the device using USB cables to mp3 players and other devices. Maximum benefits can be obtained in terms of electronic compatibility when you use this device.

Looping period: The looping period is ten minutes, which is an average of other Guitar loop pedals. You may record a soundtrack and delete it if it is not up to your taste. It is ideal for concerts and you can record and entire song and play it over and over on the device.

Reverse loop: This is a feature that is available only in a few devices, and this is one of them. You can play the loop in the reverse way as it was recorded and this is a good way to experiment with your music. You can try out your skills on the device and it will come very useful to you once you learn to use the device.

So, you need to customise the loop pedals according to the context of your need, where you are playing, whether you are a learner or a professional and your affordability. Make sure that they cater to all these needs.